At Lucid, we want to make every stage of the coffee supply chain as clear and simple to understand as possible, there’s a lot of marketing jargon and buzz words around, we never want to lead anyone a stray and will be always open, honest and welcome when it comes to our buying, roasting and production.

As a smaller roaster, at present it isn’t viable for buying large volumes up front as a way of benefiting a producer/co-op, we are currently relying on a select few importers and exporters who are able to meet our quality and ethical standards. 

Through sample roasting and a lot of tasting we pick what we believe are great representations of particular origins, varieties and processes as well as being able to highlight the excellent work from the producer(s). 

We have chosen to buy coffee this way, to make sure we can offer a wide range of varieties, processes and origins and share the wonderful diversity that coffee has to offer!

We are committed to: (Explanation of terms in the link below) 

Sharing the FOB price over the farm gate price (not always given consent to share this, but if we can, we will!) and the price we paid to the importer/exporter per Kg 

Speciality coffee scores 80 points to 100, we will not be bias to those coffees below 85/86 as these coffees are excellent and our usually a larger proportion of the farmers production. This way making it more sustainable for them as producers. 

Sharing the roast profiles of each of our coffees, as well as agtron readings to help with education around the development of coffee, flavour profiles and solubility. 

We aim to re-invest the profits back into the business, to give staff a real living wage, training and education, social and community projects and to invest into more carbon neutrality and use more renewable energy sources. 

Carbon neutrality - We want to be as responsible and environmentally mindful as we can, investing into recycling, reusing and off setting our own carbon emissions through eco projects and selected suppliers. 

Produce a transparency report every year to show all this information, how we have done as a company and what our plans and strategy for the future are. 

And as always, if you want to know more, collaborate or have any questions, please get in contact, we would love to hear from you!

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