About us

Lucid meaning - To be expressed clearly, easy to understand, Vivid.
At Lucid Coffee roasters we want to share our passion for coffee, where it comes from, how it gets here, how we roast it, how it can be brewed to showcase all the wonderful characteristics of origins and processes we have access to.

Founded in 2021 by Stephen Houston, a well known coffee professional, a person who enjoys learning, advising on and producing some of the best coffees in the world, He began Lucid with the goal of breaking down barriers between consumer and producer, to be open and transparent with every part of the business, to express clearly what the producers wanted to do with their coffee through roasting and brewing.  

Lucid will share prices of green coffee, roast profiles, brewing advice, staff profiles and any other points that will help you see the complexity and excitement around every cup.



Stephen's background:

  • Delivered over 15,000 production roasts via a number of roasting machines from 100g to 120kg
  • Multi skilled and experienced in all aspects of running all aspects of a Coffee Roasting business (10 years) including: coffee purchasing, production, customer service, packing, dispatching, deliveries, online sales, logistics, coffee profiling, education and brewing coffee
  • SCA Professional Level in Barista Skills and Coffee Brewing
  • UK SCA Roasting Championships 2nd place 2023 
  • Irish Brewers Cup Champion 2017 + 2019
  • Irish Brewers Cup 3rd place 2018
  • Irish AeroPress Champion 2019
  • Past Chair of the Coffee Roasters Guild - www.crg.coffee
  • Origin Trip to Colombia in 2019 visiting farmers & processing mills.