Environmental Impact

It’s always difficult to be as environmentally friendly as we would like, here at Lucid we are doing as much as we can to make even a small impact on our waste and how we reuse and recycle at every step of our production. 

What we do so far:

All our coffee bags are made from LDPE 4 which is widely and easily recyclable at supermarkets and depending on the area, from home. 

All boxes and tape are fully recyclable 

We have reduced the amount of cardboard and single products we use to store items in the roastery.

Using re-found and up-cycled materials to fit out the roastery space.

Commit to offsetting our carbon emissions, by offsetting projects and carbon neutral couriers 

Buying coffee in as big a quantities as we are able too, to stop multiple smaller road/sea/air deliveries. 

Beginning the work for a yearly transparency report. 

 What we are aiming for:

Full carbon neutrality.

Become a member of 1% for the Planet 

Research new materials to make our packing more environmentally friendly, less wasteful and still provide excellent protection and freshness .

Have a 100% electric van for deliveries/travelling. 

Install an efficient afterburner to the roaster, so that we can remove more pollutants and have a clean, smoke free production. 

Be able to run entirely or at least support the electricity supply using solar panels or other renewable energy. 

Learn more about recycling, environmental impact and ways to make changes to create a more sustainable future for not only our business but the whole coffee supply chain. 

 This list will update as and when we are able to!