Yemen Al Nahimi Xi - Rare/Exclusive filter 100g Only

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Yemen Al Nahimi Xi - Rare/Exclusive filter 100g Only

A Lucid first, very excited to be able to showcase not only an exceptional origin but a body of work to show the lineage and history of this coffee producing country. Qima coffee have been working a long time with these Yemeni farmers and continue to research and improve coffee varieties and quality at the source.

This is a very limited competition series lot from the Harazz region of Yemen, using a complex natural processing, called "Alchemy" which gives this coffee its decadent fruit flavours, full body and a extraordinary coffee experience!


  • Producers + Mill:

Bani Nahimi is well-known for its coffee cultivation. Farming families have been growing coffee here for about 4-6 centuries. Perched over 2,000 MASL, over 300 people live in this village, comprising 35-40 coffee farming families. The largest holdings have around 5,000 trees, and the smallest have a minimum of 1,000 trees.

Haraaz is an ancient, mountainous region in the governorate of Sana’a, and is home to some of Yemen’s best, and oldest, coffee- growing communities. The area has fertile, lush valleys and highlands where many different types of crops are grown. Farmers plant their crops in terraces here, and apart from coffee, they also grow alfalfa for livestock, millets and lentils.

The region houses roughly 140,000 people, with at least 1,500 families financially dependent on coffee farming.

In terms of volume, Haraaz is Yemen’s largest coffee-producing region due to the presence of a large network of coffee nurseries across the region. The stratospheric altitudes, where the coffee is grown, add to the unique flavour profile of Haraazi coffee. Farmers also believe that Haraazi coffee is distinctive because of the region’s fertile soil. It is interesting to note that a large share of Haraazi coffee is specialty grade.

The Sana’a governorate occupies the biggest share of Yemeni specialty coffee production in quality and quantity. The main coffee- growing areas are Hayma Dakhiliya, Hayma Kharijiya, Bani Matar, Bani Ismail, and Haraaz. Some factors that make high-quality coffee growing possible here include a range of altitudes, soil fertility, microclimate and rainfall.

Sana’a is also home to Yemen’s capital city, which has one of the longest-continuous coffee cultures in the world. Much of the coffee consumed there is prepared using the traditional Ibrik method, brewing coffee in a copper or silver pot over hot charcoal.


  • Varieties:

Yemenia is a new mother population within the species of Coffea arabica that is found exclusively in Yemen, and represents an ocean of unexplored genetics and future varieties that have the potential to reshape the world of arabica for centuries to come.

A new genetic group of the arabica coffee (Coffea arabica) species found to have immense quality potential has been confirmed in Yemen. It has been named Yemenia, which can be translated to “the Yemeni mother.”

Qima Coffee believes it is the most significant finding in arabica coffee since the centuries-old discoveries of Typica/Bourbon and the SLs, the major arabica groups that have given birth to all the world’s other arabica varieties and cultivars.

Link to the research article - 


  • Process:

The Alchemy series relies on a combination of pressure (up to 10 bar/145 psi), temperature control, gas regulation and managed drying, to develop a truly unique set of coffees with unparalleled flavour expression and structure. All of Qima's processing and fermentation protocols are underpinned by principles of chemical engineering, ensuring our innovations are both sensorially unique and scientifically novel.


  • Region: Haraaz 
  • Producers: Bani Nahimi farmers
  • Dry Mill: Qima
  • Importer: Qima 
  • Price (Inc Shipping): £89.00 pkg
  • Variety: Yemenia
  • Process: Alchemy Natural
  • Altitude: 2100-2200masl
  • Amount Bought: 10kg
  • Tasting: Elegant, Refined, Full Body, Super sweet, Complex
  • Flavours like: Blueberry, Floral, Vittoria grapes, Honey