Negotiator filter paper

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Type "G" - Classic 

This paper is our classic flat paper we've offered from the start. The "G" stands for "General purpose" and is our budget-friendly option. It's smooth on one side and has a crepe construction on the other. We recommend keeping the smooth side inside (touching the coffee) and the crepe side outside (touching the brewer). This paper brings quite a lot of sweetness and has a medium-slow flow rate. It will increase your contact time compared to the other flat papers, and typically you would grind coarser. The paper stock is from Japan and is cut to shape in China. This paper comes with brew guides - check for the QR code on the bag. 


 Type "G"
Flow Rate Medium-Slow
Cost  Low
Highlights Sweetness
Construction One side smooth
One side crepe


Made for the Negotiator tool

The Type "C" and Type "G" papers are made to work with the Negotiator tool, which helps you fit the paper precisely to the inside of OREA Brewers. 


Supplied with guides

In each pack, you will find guides to help you get brewing. Dialling these in can be challenging as the brew dynamics are quite different. Please see the guides included for tips on getting the best out of this combination, with unique recipes designed to take your brewing to new levels.