Myanmar - Ruby Hills - Filter

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Myanmar - Ruby Hills - Filter

This is one of two lots we have got from our importing partners at Indochina, First time roasting coffees from Myanmar and super excited to share them with you!

This lot is a washed process Catimor H528, from the region Mogok, Mandalay in the Northern part of the country. 


  • Producers + Mill:

Ruby Hills Estate is situated in Mogok, a deep mountainous area in the north of Mandalay region, its name reflecting the world famous and highly prized rubies mined here. This is a remote and inaccessible area for foreigners who can only access with permission from the government.

The farm is family owned and operated by Arrow Brothers who have been growing and processing coffee since 2002. It has 65 acres and an elevation of 1220-1525masl. The farm started with Catimor H528 (from Thailand), but are also growing new varieties including Gesha, Pacamara, SL-34, Caturra, Catuai, and Jamaican Blue Mountain. The farm now also holds EU Organic Certification for all of their coffees.

Thi Ha Gyawalie is taking the lead in growing and processing coffees at the family farm. A Certified Q Grader and Processing Professional (CQI), Thi Ha is an avid experimenter interested in carbonic maceration and crafting interesting new profiles. As well as his family farm, Thi Ha has also joined forces with another young and innovative producer Su Nandar Linn, to create The Lady coffee which we also have on offer here at Lucid


  • Varieties:

Catimor was developed in Portugal in 1959 by scientists searching for the magical formula of high yields, high disease resistance and small plant size (i.e. higher density planting). The variety is a hybrid of the Timor Hybrid (resistant to coffee leaf rust due to its Robusta genetic roots) and Caturra.

Catimor trees are small in size, allowing for more dense plantings, and fruit is quick to ripen, guaranteeing high productivity if well maintained. Its branch is ramified similarly to C. canephora plants and its leaves have a tell-tale reddish brown hue when they are just emerging. One of the main challenges in cultivating Catimor can be the inputs (fertilisation and shade) required to maintain productivity, which need to be monitored very closely and can be costly.

Today Catimor is common throughout Indonesia and Vietnam. In the wake of Central America’s coffee leaf rust crisis, it is also becoming increasingly common at higher altitudes in countries such as Mexico and Peru.

One of the major issues often cited with Catimor is the issue of cup quality. At low altitudes, there tends to be little or no sensory difference between the variety and other C. arabica varieties. Distinction in taste can arise, however, when the plants are planted higher than 1,200 metres above sea level. In such cases, many would express a preference for Caturra, Bourbon and Catuaí. However, we’ve met Catimors that we like very much, indeed – for instance, those from Vietnam and Indonesia. We maintain that well-cared-for and well-processed Catimor can display great characteristics. (Info from Mercanta Coffee)


  • Process:

Cherries are harvested by hand at peak ripeness, from a separate 10 acre plot within the farm. Then the Cherries are floated to remove underripe fruits / defects before pulping within 4 hours of harvest and the coffee is then pulped to remove the cherry skin and mucilage. Fermentation takes place between 48-72 hours in 25 litre buckets, removing excess air and headspace. The coffee parchment are then dried for approximately 20-24 days on raised beds.


  • Region: Mogok, Mandalay
  • Producer: Thi Ha Gyawalie
  • Dry Mill: Ruby Hills Estate
  • Importer: IndoChina Coffee
  • Price (green ex Shipping): £9.40 p kg
  • Variety: Catimor H528
  • Process: Washed
  • Altitude: 1500masl
  • Amount Bought: 180kg
  • Harvested/Processed : December 2022- April 2023
  • Tasting: Pink Lady apples, Elderflower cordial, Hazelnuts, Chocolate
  • Flavours like: Floral, High sweetness, Juicy, Balanced