India Bada Budan Giri - Filter

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India Bada Budan Giri - Filter

This is one of the two coffees that we have brought in from India by way of Indochina Importers, A very exciting and diverse origin, with improvements being made constantly and farmers/mills making exceptional tasting coffees. Thrilled to be able to showcase these coffees and proud to continue our relationship with Indochina!


• Producers + Mill:

This coffee is cultivated at MG Plantation, a fourth generation family owned large plantation (180 acres) that grows cherry for a local brand of roasted coffee. This is one of the oldest plantations in the area, growing primarily S795 and Selection 9 varieties. There are plenty of established indigenous trees providing excellent shade canopy, good biodiversity and a plentiful water source from a natural spring.

Working with the plantation, Ekata identified certain ‘blocks’ on the estate where they assessed trees being grown there to have the greatest early potential for quality improvements for specialty coffee production: higher elevation (1350 – 1500 masl) and facing North East to catch the sun as it rises. The team are now focusing on establishing organic growing practices to scale up across the entire plantation and reach certification in three to four years’ time.


• Varieties:


S795 (Selection-795) is a coffee cultivar important for being one of the first strains of C. arabica found to be resistant to coffee leaf rust

It is a selection of the Balehonnur Coffee Research Station in India and it was generated by R.L. Narasimhaswamy by cross breeding C. arabica and C. liberica known as S288 and the Kent variety, a hybrid of Typica and an unknown other type. Both S288 and Kent are known to be resistant to many rust races and the Kent variety is a high-yielding tree. The resultant S795 cultivar exhibits rust resistance, high yield, and a good cup profile, making it a desirable cultivar for producers.

S795 is widely planted in India and Indonesia. In India, it represents 25-30% of the acreage of arabica coffee.

S795 is a tall and vigorous shrub producing a high number of primary and secondary plagiotropic branches. The cherries are medium in size and oblong in shape and progress from green when young to dark red when ripe. Each node produces around 14 - 16 cherries. New leaves are a light bronze colour.

In 2021, twelve of the top 26 coffees in Indonesia's first Cup of Excellence competition either contained S795 as part of a blend or were solely S795.



• Process:

1 . Harvest: Selective harvesting of cherries at the maximum maturity stage.

2 . Sorting and Pulping: Cherries are sorted before being pulped and dried with 40-50% mucilage remaining on the bean.

3 . Fermentation: The coffee undergoes semi-aerobic fermentation for 48 hours (PH 4.3 to 4.6).

4 . Drying: The coffees are dried for 15 - 20 days on raised beds.


• Region: Chikmagalur district, Karnataka

• Farm: MG Plantation

• Importer: Indochina

• Price (green ex Shipping): £11.60 pkg

• Variety: S795 And Chandragiri

• Process: Red Honey

• Altitude: 1200-1400masl

• Amount Bought: 150kg

• Tasting: Fruity, Creamy, Nutty, Balanced, High Sweetness. 

• Flavours like: Greengage, Nougat, Almond