Ethiopia Genji Challa #3 - Filter

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Ethiopia Genji Challa #3 - Filter 

Another exciting washed coffee from Ositio, again from their partners at the Telila washing station, this lot stood out to us this year for its peachy sweetness, roundness and juicy acidity to give a great example of washed coffees from this region. 


  • Producer + Mill:

Telila CWS is owned and run by Mike Mamo, partner in Osito Coffee. The washing station was purchased in 2019 and in 2019/2020 the first harvest was put into operation. With a real focus on quality control and experimentation, we are excited to be working with Mike and his team at Telila. Not only are they producing high quality washed lots, but also honey process, natural and anaerobic natural processed coffees.

In that pursuit of improving quality, Telila is innovating in many exciting ways. For instance, where most washing stations build lots exclusively on the process used and the location the cherries were delivered to, Telila goes a step further and separates lots based on the day the coffee cherries were delivered. Mike and the team also store all their parchment in hermetically sealed bags - a first for Ethiopia 

The Washing Station itself is located in Kecho Anderacha, Gera in the region of Jimma. The station is located at around 2000 masl, where lots of dried for around 21 days. 

A donation of 0.10$/lb will be made for every lb Osito Coffee purchases from Telila to the Kacho Tulla Primary School in the village of Kecho Anderacha


  • Variety:

Heirloom locally selected sub varieties 74110 and 74112 were developed in the 1970’s at the Jimma Agricultural Research Center (JARC) for resistance to the coffee berry disease. These two varieties begin with “74” to indicate their cataloging and selection in 1974.

Variety 74110 was selected from an original “mother tree” in the Bishari village, Metu Province, Illuababora zone, Oromia region. After researching its resistance to coffee berry disease and overall yield, JARC released the variety in 1979. 74110 trees are short and compact, with small leaves, cherries, and beans.

Variety 74112 also originates in the Metu-Bishari forest and was similarly released in 1979 for its disease resistance and yield potential. Its trees, too, are small and compact. Both varieties grow well in climates similar to those where the original mother trees grew.

Source: A Reference Guide to Ethiopian Coffee Varieties by Getu Bekele and Timothy Hill. G Broad Trading PLC, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; Counter Culture Coffee, Durham, NC, USA, 2018.


  • Process:

Community lots like this are hand picked and sorted before the washing process. They are then left out to dry on raised beds for up to 21 days. After which they are milled and sorted again before being ready for export.


  • Region: : Kecho Anderacha, Gera, Jimma
  • Producer: Mike Mamo and producers from the Genji Challa kebele
  • Wet Mill: : Telila CWS
  • Importer: Osito
  • Price (green ex Shipping): £11.30p kg
  • Variety: JARC74100
  • Process: Washed Process
  • Altitude: 2000masl
  • Amount Bought: 120kg
  • Tasting: Floral, Fruity, Syrupy sweet, High acidity.
  • Flavours like: Stone fruit, Ice tea, Brown sugar