Burundi Businde Natural - Filter

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Burundi Businde Natural - Filter

Very excited to have this years fresh crop of the Burundi Businde, it was our biggest seller last year and this year it is tasting even better, welcome back Businde! 

This is a naturally processed Red Bourbon has come from another partnership with Raw Material and a mill owner named Zuberi Matsitsi of Matraco Coffee, who are located in the Northern region of Kayanza, Burundi. 


  • Producers + Wet Mill:

This is a station with a wide reach to local coffee farmers, processing the cherries of up to 1200 local farming families. As a washing station, it is important to consider the payment of workers who process the cherry as well as the price received by those who cultivated them.Businde’s producers received a premium that was 20% above the local market rate this season, by working with the station. As a station, Businde pays its staff almost 60% above the rate for casual labour in Burundi. To assist with the dispersing of coffee pulp, Matraco distributes this compost as fertiliser to help the farmers nearby. Alongside this, they assist with the yields of local farmers by donating seedlings to their farms.Higher profits accompanied by the potential of more cherries to sell. We are excited to share these coffees with you for their profile as much for the benefits they provide those who produced them.The station processes around 550 metric tons of cherry each year, dried across 126 raised beds. The station’s 6 full-time staff are managed by manager Floris Nahimana, with 120 seasonal staff hired during the peak season.(Text direct from Raw Material)


  • Variety:

This is a Red Bourbon variety, Red Bourbon came about from a mutation of Typica planted on Reunion Island in the 1700's before making its way around world, most notably Brazil where it has performed very well. Bourbon is valued for its complex acidity and wonderful balance. It often has a sweet, caramel quality and nice and crisp acidity but can present quite distinct flavours depending on where it is planted. Rwandan and Burundi types tend to have a punchier, fruity quality.


  • Process:

All cherries are hand-sorted before a pre-pulp float, under ripe or damaged cherry is removed. Once the cherries are sorted and cleaned, they are ready to be dried. The cherries are laid out evenly across raised beds, this provides better airflow and to prevent moisture and insects/animals coming into contact with the cherries.The cherry is dried for between 23 and 30 days, turned constantly during the brightest time of the day and then covered during the night.Once the cherry has dried, the dried outer fruit (cascara) and parchment is removed at the mill and the coffee beans are ready for export.


  • Region: Buyenzi, Kayanza Province
  • Producer: Small holder farmers
  • Wet Mill: Businde
  • Importer: Raw Material
  • Price (green ex Shipping): £10.72p kg
  • Variety: Red Bourbon
  • Process: Natural Process
  • Altitude: 1700 - 1800masl


  • Tasting: Med/high acidity, High sweetness, Complex
  • Flavours like: Black Cherry, Blueberry, Lavender, Toffee