Brazil Santuario Sul - Rare/Exclusive Filter

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Brazil Santuario Sul - Rare/Exclusive Filter

This is one of first very exciting coffees from Brazil that our main Colombian coffee importers has started to bring over to the UK. This is exclusive to us as the only roaster in Europe with this particular lot from Luis Paulo Dias's farm Santuario Sul.


• Producers + Mill:

The coffees grown on the farm are a testament to the dedication of Luiz Paulo and his partners. In addition to traditional Brazilian varieties, such as yellow bourbon, the farm now boasts over 30 exotic coffee varieties. The farm also implements differentiated cultivation practices, such as shade planting, and innovative processes, like New Flavors, which have contributed to the unique and exceptional taste of their coffees

Thanks to their dedication to quality and innovation, the farm has gained a significant presence in the market and has been recognized for its exceptional coffee. The first two harvests, after implementing the new varietals and processes, were critical in establishing the farm's reputation and gaining recognition from customers and judges alike for the unique flavors and quality of their coffee.


• Varieties:

Sudan Rume - As its name suggests, this selection was made from a local landrace in South Sudan’s Boma Plateau, home to one of the remaining indigenous arabica coffee forests. Kept alive as a genetic donor, Sudan Rume is a low-yielding plant regarded for its high sensory quality, though it also has moderate resistance to disease. Batian, Castillo, Centroamericano, and Ruiru 11 are all hybrids that include Sudan Rume’s genetic contribution.


• Process:

After being mechanically picked, the coffee cherries are carefully placed in water to float and remove any low-density or defective cherries. The selected cherries are then transported to barrels where they undergo a meticulous fermentation process for 72 hours. Following this, the cherries are spread out on raised beds and left to dry for 22 to 24 days until they reach the optimal moisture level.


• Region: Caro de Minas

• Producer: Luis Paulo Dias

• Farm: Santuario Sul

• Importer: Cofinet

• Price (green ex Shipping): £15.00 pkg

• Variety: Sudan Rume

• Process: Extended Fermentation natural

• Altitude: 1100-1300masl

• Amount Bought: 90kg

• Tasting: Tropical, wild, winey, complex, super sweet

• Flavours like: Pineapple, Pink Lady apple, Hibiscus