Brazil Fazenda Mio Flomeso - Lucid 2nd Birthday Coffee - Rare/Exclusive Filter

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Brazil Fazenda Mio Flomeso - Lucid 2nd Birthday Coffee - Rare/Exclusive Filter

Hard to believe that it's our 2nd Birthday!! To celebrate we have this limited edition coffee, giving off those summery notes and a fun new design!

Buying a  bag automatically adds you into the prize draw to win a Pink Moccamaster coffee brewer, Fellow Ode Gen 2 Grinder, Acaia Pearl Mk2 Scales, extra filters and we will throw in some extras!

Entries open until 30th June or when the coffee sells out (please note all electrical appliances are UK plug/voltage only) 

This gesha variety has been naturally processed and with its floral aroma, strawberry & cream notes, it really puts us in a bright sunny mood and a delicious coffee to roll in the summer months! 

This is one of a few very special and small lots we have purchased from Mio along with our espresso coffees. This is a testament to the innovation and care that Mio take to their coffees and push the boundaries of what is possible and creating new and exciting taste experiences from their coffees on the farm,

This year Mio have a new system for how they name their coffees and give the roasters the tools to make it their own using these new flash cards. Flomeso is broken down as:

FLO - Floral

ME - Red Berry

SO - Creamy Sweet

The label comes from or Friend Alice from Ferns & pen who Did our t-shirts, we love her playful, summery take at the Lucid Logo!

Check out more of Ferns & pen's work here! 


  • Producers + Mill:

Mió is a coffee farm in Monte Santo de Minas, Brazil. They cover exports, imports, storages and sell coffee. The coffee is harvested with care by Mió workers, you can see their names on the infographic images, as well as where and when each stage of the coffee production has taken place.

The farm spans a total of 1,589 hectares with a third of the land is used for the coffee processing and milling facilities, some pasture areas and the plantation of eucalyptus trees, which is home to large hives of bees.

The rest of the land is equally divided between the coffee trees and the native forest reserve. With plenty of spring water in the estate, one of Mió’s responsibilities is to not only maintain the water flow but to also improve water quality as their supplies support the local town and surrounding communities.


  • Varieties:

Gesha coffee, sometimes referred to as Geisha coffee, is a variety of coffee tree that originated in the Gori Gesha forest, Ethiopia, though it is now grown in several other nations in Africa, Asia, and the Americas. It is widely known for its unique flavor profile of floral and sweet notes, its high selling price, and its exclusivity as its demand has increased over the years.

While there are many varieties labeled gesha (or geisha), the Panamanian Geisha has a distinct and verifiable genetic fingerprint. 

After its discovery in Ethiopia, it was sent to the Tengeru (now Lyamungu) Coffee Research Station in Tanzania. In 1953, plants successfully cultivated at Lyamungu as VC-496 were taken to Centro Agronómico Tropical de Investigación y Enseñanza (CATIE) in Costa Rica and recorded as accession T2722. From there, CATIE distributed it throughout Central America.


  • Process:

Natural — Considered the most eco–friendly coffee process, using little to no water, used for most of Mió’s microlots to increase the fruity and citrus aromas while retaining the sweetness in the cup. 

Drying: Raised Beds (12—18 days) then 4 days on Patios. 


  • Region: Monte Santo de Minas
  • Producer: The Pellicer family
  • Dry Mill: Fazenda Míll
  • Importer: Fazenda Mío
  • Price (green ex Shipping): £14 p kg
  • Variety: Gesha
  • Process: Natural
  • Altitude: 900 - 1000masl
  • Amount Bought: 90kg
  • Tasting: Summery, Creamy,  High sweetness, Full Body,
  • Flavours like: Strawberries & Cream, Turkish Delight, Honey,