Mexico El Sotano

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Mexico El Sotano - Maricela Esperon

Very happy to be able to welcome back Maricela's amazing coffee again this year, it was a massive hit last Christmas and this years crop is even better! 

It comes from the Oaxaca region by an amazing producer named Maricela Esperon and has been made possible with our importer partners Ensambles. 

Once again this lot is extremely limited, only five 30kg bags were produced this year, 3 of which Lucid were proud to secure. 


• Producers + Mill:

Maricela is a young famer with 7 different plots of land spanning 5 Hectares, where her family grow several varieties and mainly adopt natural process to their coffees, despite being in La Mazateca,a region of Oaxaca known for its cold tempartures and frequent rain,making the drying very challenging. 99%ofproducers in this region choose washed coffees,but Maricela decided to go against the mainstream way—90% of her crop is natural process coffee.

In addition to the start of the art drying structures on raised beds, Maricela and her family put an enormous amount of care and attention to the growing and processing of their coffees.

She met the Ensambles team in 2017 which really sparked her interest in specialty coffee, wanting to create more value in their coffee and showcase their product to the world.


• Varieties:

Typica (also Tipica) forms the genetic backbone of much of specialty coffee today. The first coffee plantations grown in America and Asia were of the Typica variety and many of the most widely cultivated C. arabica crops today are descended directly from the plant.

In general, Typica is very similar in appearance to the Bourbon plant (of which it is a very close relative) although it has fewer secondary branches and the leaves are normally smaller than those of Bourbon. It is usually identifiable by its bronze leaf tips. The plants are tall (3.5 – 4m) and the berries have an elongated, oval shape.

Even though Typica has a relatively low yield it is known to produce coffee with high cup quality. It is, however, very susceptible to diseases and is becoming increasingly less common for this reason. (Info source: Mercanta)

Mundo Novo is a natural hybrid of Typica sub-varieties, Sumatra and Bourbon. Discovered in Brazil in the 1940s by the Instituto Agronômico de Campinase, the plant is strong, tall (3 m) and resistant to diseases and strong wind. Due to these features and its good cup quality, Mundo Novo is one of the most common amongst Brazilian coffee cultivators, forming around 40% of all grown coffee varieties within the country.Mundo Novo’s productivity is high but its cherries ripen somewhat later than other varieties. Its best growing heights are between 1,050 to 1,670 metres above sea level, with rainfall of 1,200 to 1,800mm per annum.

Caturra. This variety originates from Minas Gerais in Brazil. It was a natural mutation of Red Bourbon, Caturra is favoured as it is a high yielding plant (more cherries per tree) and is more resistant to plant diseases than that of Bourbon.


• Process:

More info coming soon!


• Region: Santa Maria La Asuncion, Oaxca

• Producer: Mariela Esperon

• Farm: El Sotano

• Importer: Ensambles

• Price (green ex Shipping): £20.50 pkg

• Variety: Typica, Caturra, Mundo Novo

• Process: Natural

• Altitude: 1300 masl

• Amount Bought: 90kg

• Tasting: Elegant, Super sweet, Balanced, Tropical.

• Flavours like: Black Cherry, Rasins, Papaya, Cocoa Nibs,