OREA Brewer V3 Base - recycled plastic

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For the V3 and V3 MK2 Brewers

This base works only with our V3 (clear, glossy black, basalt, ice, frost) and our V3 MK2 brewers. It fits both the V3 155 and 185 size brewers. 

Matte finish

This base is matte - we currently don't produce glossy bases. 

Artisanal approach

This base is made from recycled plastic in a unique hand-injected process. This artisanal approach leads to very unique patterns in each base, but also brings with it sings of being more hand-made and experimental. You can expect to see marks or lines where the plastics meet and blend together, which sometimes present themselves as "scratches" - rest assured, this is part of the process of making these beautiful bases. We love their imperfections and variation. 

A piece of art

We don't think recycled plastic has to look "recycled". Each base pattern is a piece of art. A blend of colours intentionally chosen, with precise weight and contrast. While it's a bit unpredictable, we do have an element of precision in this art. We hope you will love your one of a kind base!

Snap in design

Designed to snap in for a perfect fit in order to ensure stability and consistency. ‍